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“More than 20 years of experience, executing high quality and professional service to each event”

Why Us?

Pro Touch Event Planning, LLC, is made of caring, efficient, detail-orientated employees. We make it a priority to create a specialized experience for each client with all aspects of their event. The Customer is not only right, but their needs come first and foremost, we build life-long bonds with our clients and keep them coming back!

Roberta Clarke

Sole Owner and Proprietor, Lead Consultant - “Hi, I’m Roberta, glad you decided to join the fun! I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and I’m not done. For every touch, we guarantee an unforgettable WOW moment. Become a part of the Pro Touch Family and you won’t regret it, Our standard is Excellence!”

About Us

Pro Touch Event Planning is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. We are an Event Planning Company, whose roots began from very humble places. Pro Touch Event Planning has since expanded from its home of Baltimore, and served clients Nationwide, such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and even Minnesota! The company was founded by Sole Owner and Proprietor, Roberta Clarke, a certified Event and Floral Designer, with specialization in cakes for Special Occasions. She earned her Certifications from The Institute of Wedding Event Designs, an accredited Higher-Learning Institution. Since 1995, Roberta has built up this brand the world will now recognize as Pro Touch Event Planning LLC. We specialize in all occasions (i.e. Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, and Retirement etc.) Our teams’ main priority is the care and quality we give each client, the experience is one of a kind! We use our dynamic setup to make this special moment, as easy as possible. After, the initial FREE Consultation, we will have a follow-up meeting. We offer services such as Event Planning (Hall Décor and Decoration), Special Occasion Cakes, Dessert Tables, and Floral Arrangements for any event. Call (443) 642.9537 or (443) 527.3268 or email for a free quote.

We provide custom designed services for every client 

We pride ourselves in making some of the most original and amazing cakes. Our talented staff will work closely with you to design and decorate the most beautiful and delicious custom cake.

We create breathtaking centerpieces, magnificent focal points, show-stopping arrangements, personalized props and so much more. Our flowers will transform any space into a spectacular venue.

At Pro Touch, we believe that attention to details never goes unnoticed and you can dream it we will make it a reality. We invite you to experience our abilities in making your next event fantastic.

From simple to complex events, we bring your vision to life

Pro Touch offers a complimentary consultation and would love to learn about your big day and how we can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to check availability of your date and schedule your consultation.

Our experience will ensure your event leaves a lasting impression on your guest while giving you the time and peace of mind you need throughout the planning process. Events are tailored to your company’s unique message.

From your initial meeting with us, you will be impressed with our trained and experienced team who will brainstorm with you and strategically piece together creative elements that will bring your party vision to reality.


Below are comments from some of our satisfied clients

Dr. Renee Levi - Baltimore, MD

"Roberta is a joy to work with. She listens and then takes your dream and makes it a reality. She shares the excitement of the occasion with you and delivers on time and on a budget. In short, I repeat that I can’t recommend Roberta Clarke more highly!”

Kortoe and Otis - York, PA 

“Roberta is awesome! Whether or not you know exactly what you want, Roberta can bring your vision to life! She did such an awesome job for our wedding. Everything came out exactly how we imagined it and even more! We were seriously blown away."

Beauty George - Baltimore, MD

“I can recommend anyone to Roberta, she was professional and the service was excellent! She even surprised me with additional chocolate candy bouquets that were a hit with my all guests at the party, especially the kids.”

Ellen Yerman - Owings Mills, MD 

“Wow!! You know how a cake can either look great on the outside without an appealing taste to match? Well Chef Roberta Clarke's cakes are beautiful on the outside and delicious to enjoy. How special!”

Donna Shapiro - Baltimore, MD

“If you want "perfection" Roberta is your gal. From the beginning of your first meeting, to the execution of your project, Roberta is talented, professional, organized, and extremely great to work with. Without reservation, on a scale of one to ten, Roberta Clarke is a TWELVE.”

CALL (443) 642.9537 or (443) 527.3268,  EMAIL

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